Howi's Place

Many thanks to all who have contributed input towards this little project of mine. It is very much appreciated!

Listed below are a couple people who, I feel, should get a special mention.

MajorVictory For allowing me to host this site on his server. Also a great friend who loves to give subtle hints that lead me to go pursue soemthing and make Howi's Place that exra bit better.

Numbereft A fair number of the calculators would not exist if it wasn't for this math guru. His formula-finding skills are no doubt an asset. Notably, the Clan Mine, the Clan Level EXP, and the Character LeveL EXP calculators.

Sweets, fps_bam Without the two of you finding bugs and such it would have caused me a ton of problems later on if some other random person had found them instead. I am happy that it was you who gave me a small headache. XD